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question + wants

How many pokedolls have been made for EACH fire starter? As in... velboa, minky, DX, mini, 2004 release, etc... I'd like to collect them all, but I'm not completely sure how to figure out which ones I actually need! HELP A GAL OUT.

So far I know there's...

Charmander - Mini, American release, Japanese release (but don't know the years?)
Cyndaquil - American release? I don't know anything about this lil' dude.
Torchic - DX, Mini, European... me don't know
Chimchar - Christmas, DX, meh?
Tepig - Japanese Release, Mini

I basically really need to know the years and stuff. I don't know about any of these duuudes. Thanks in advance for helping me compile a list!

I also have quite a few wants I'm searching for


If anyone could help me locate these that would be absolutely amazing. I'm also pretty much in need of every Charizard plush, so if you guys have any you'd be willing to sell, let me know! I might still need it! 

I'll be posting a collection update one of these days. Right now I'm trying to find a nice way to display my figures; at the moment they're all just shoved onto tiny shelves. Once that gets figured out, my update WILL happen! Pwomise. Anyway, I hope everyone's New Year has started off right! And thanks in advance for any information you share with me. It's always appreciated :D


What's a good price for all the Heracross plush? The Paki Paki? Banpresto? Beanie

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