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Intro + Collection update!

Hello everyone ^-^ I'm a 20 year old Pokémon fan girl who lives in Mexico. I'm currently studying in University to become a vet and a crazy cat lady and in my free time/breaks I seek Pokémon plushies. I mostly save up for cons around here to buy plushies because they are quite expensive (specially the new ones from the 5th gen).
I lurk check frequently the sales posts here and buy whenever I get additional money from my parents~
This is going to be a long post, sorry orz

=*Anyway, this is how my collection looks like now!*=

Collection overall 1
(Ignore Pinkie Pie lol, her mane is a mess)

Pokemon Collection overall 2
(Plushies mixed with figurines because my bookshelf is very crowded and they don't fit anymore |D)

(Managed to get every McDonald's toys this November! Not going back to eat hamburgers until they announce more Pokemon toys xux)

=*And now the close-ups!*=

Palkia and Keldeo plushies!
Palkia and Keldeo plushies: Keldeo comes second in my favorite Pokémon plushies but first in favorite Pokémon overall! I got it from ebay in summer vacations in Alabama and I couldn't be happier to have it! Keldeo is best pony. It's from the Pokémon Center and it still has its tags~ Palkia is from a store called Dark Angel (which closed suddenly).

Grass and Poison pokemon!
Oddish, Snivy, Talking Croagunk, Cherrim, Budew, Shaymin, Koffing, Deerling, Pansage, Servine and Nidorina: I have to say Deerling and Shaymin are my favorites from this block. I got Deerling from ebay and Shaymin is another plush from my fellow seller in The rest are from cons, and I'm so happy to find Koffing and Nidorina! I love Nidorina so much! Although her nose is not very round compared to the other plushies I've seen in google ^-^' I keep fixing her everyday. I'm going to put the Shaymin Sky Forme plush I ordered from a user in the community in this block! Hopefully it arrives *3*

Large Dialga plush
Large Dialga plush: One of the first plushies I got! It's from a store called Dark Angel. It's so beautiful and very well made, I really adore it! This is also were my Keldeo Resolute form plush will be if it arrives!

Fire and Dark Pokemon!
Tepig, Torchic, Charizard, Pignite, Scraggy, Zorua and Sneasel: All of them are from the con TNT. Except for the Hasbro Torchic and Zorua, which were also bought during my trip to Alabama although Torchic is from ebay. And the Charizard at the bottom... its previous owner cut its claws, fangs and part of its flame :| I didn't notice until later on orz

Water Pokemon!
Manaphy, Tentacool, Oshawott, Buizel, Talking Prinplup, Talking Piplup, Poliwhirl, East/West Shellos, Mantyke, Pokémon Center Dewott, Jakks Dewott and Psyduck: Most of them are from cons here except Tentacool which is from a store called Sanborns, Talking Prinplup was from a Toys R' Us in Alabama and Buizel was from my fellow seller from
My favorite from this block has to be my Pokémon Center Dewott! It was so expensive but every peso was worth it!
And I just realized that if the Mudkip plush I bought from a user in the community arrives I won't be able to put it here |D Nor the Azurill I ordered from orz

Charizard plush
Large Charizard plush: I think it's by the brand Play by Play. I didn't want to buy it at first because it was very dirty but finally decided to get it the next time I went to the con. Yes, it's the Charizard with the horrible filling material but after cleaning it I asked my mother to stuffed it with polyester. It now can stand on its own and give hugs!

Fly, Dragon and Psychic Pokemon!
Zubat, Axew, Munna, Chatot, Pidove, Dratini, Meditite, Talking Starly and Woobat: Again, I bought some of these from cons~ Munna is from my favorite seller in (Along with Meditite) even though a friend of mine told me she got one for me (like a year ago) and never heard from it ever again so I went ahead and bought it! I've been dying to get it and kept ignoring it for a whole year. I really gave up on what she said |D; Axew is from K-Mart and Talking Starly is from Toys R' Us, again in Alabama.

Electric and Ground Pokemon!
Emolga, Large Pikachu, Minun Pokédoll, Sandile, Pikachu, Drilbur and Blitzle: This block is so empty lol. I'm making some space for the Raichu Pokédoll I ordered from Sunyshore and I want more electric type plushies in the future~ Both Emolga and Blitzle are from ebay and Minun Pokédoll from my fellow seller at and it's now my favorite plush from this block! It's my very first original Pokédoll and hopefully not the last one!

Normal and Rock Pokemon!
Bonsly, Buneary, Lickilicky, Sudowoodo Munchlax, Snubbull, Happiny, Talking Bidoof, Burmy (Sandy and Trash Cloak), Cinccino and Butterfree plush: Got them at cons except for Cinccino which was from ebay! It's incredibly soft and very well made! It's my favorite from this block~
Butterfree was one of my most desired plushies after my dad didn't let me buy it a couple of years ago because it was dirty. It was fairly cheap, quite a good snag!
Munchlax and both Burmy are from my favorite seller in, as for Talking Bidoof was bought during one of my trips to Alabama! It's from Toys R' Us~

Pokemon Grass starters plush line
Talking Turtwig plush
Talking Turtwig plush: I got it at the con called La Mole. One of its leaves was ripped so my mom sewed it for me. It still talks perfectly! And that Pikachu watering can is a gift from my dad ;w;

Talking Grotle plush
Talking Grotle plush: Got it at a store here called Discovery. They never sell Pokémon merchandise at all so it was a lucky grab!

Torterra plush
Takara Tomy Torterra plush: It's one of my life-time wishes come true! This plush is my favorite! I always had an eye on it and thought I'd never get it because the price they had on ebay was terrifying. The only one I could find was on but they only shipped within the USA. Luckily, I went to Alabama to see my relatives there in summer vacations (2012) and my cousin was so kind to order this turtle for me! Although I expected it to be bigger, I don't regret buying it.
And that's another Pikachu watering can from my dad XD <3 He always finds the cutest things!

Gengar Great Ball Banette plush
Gengar and Banette plush: Both found at the con here called La Mole. Banette and I have a story together, seriously. It's my miracle plush~ I noticed it two years ago, when I went to the con with a friend and I asked for the price for it but it was too expensive I didn't buy it. Either way I wasn't a collector at heart by that time. I kept going to the future cons and kept seeing it over and over until this last December I noticed it was still there with the same guy I think (because the pink bootleg Arceus was still there too |D) and they reduced the price so I could buy it! Banette waited for me so long! It's ridiculous that nobody bought it through all these two years and its tag is intact. So yeah, we have a deep connection for that~ I think it was meant for me after all ;v;
Oh and the Great ball was a gift from a very nice seller (should I say personal official seller? XD) from when I bought a Plusle Pokédoll and Munna (Jakks) plush.

Pokemon Figures
Pokémon figurines: I'm not a big fan of figurines but I had the chance to get them some years ago as xmas/reyes presents from my parents~ Most of them were bought in my country except for Blaziken and Rayquaza which were bought in one of my trips to Alabama (and I got them at Wal-Mart!) and Servine (behind Pikachu) and Pignite which I got them in summer vacations (2012) in McDonald's.

I got the big Reshiram, Zekrom and Giratina in my summer vacations to Alabama (Although Giratina is older than those two) The others were bought here in my country~

=The corner of Shame=

Corner of shame!
Shinx, Combee, Monferno, Zoroark, Mew, Kricketot, Marill, Chingling, Chikorita and Lucario bootlegs:
It's sad and frustrating for me to know I have 10 of these. I was very ignorant some years ago about the bootlegs that I bought them thinking they were official. Most of them were from cons here, specially from the con TNT. My most recent bootleg is Chikorita because I went ahead buying it without looking at the tags which said different brands (the hang tag said Takara Tomy and the tush tag said Banpresto) and 4 of them are from ebay. I now search for official Pokémon plushies in this community and avoid ebay at all costs.

=*And that's all for now!*=

Also, Spanish readers, I have a guide for you in case you are unsure if you're buying a bootleg or not! Click here to read it ^-^

Big post, sorry |D;
By the way, can somebody tell me how long does it take for a Pokémon plush from to arrive? I feel it's been a while but since it's my very first time buying there I would like to know ^-^
Thank you all for reading!~
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