Puddles (eeveez) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Absol wants~!

Well I've been holding off posting because I was going to do a collection update but I just.. Couldnt hold off! haha
Absols my second favourite pokemon and im desperatly searching for merchandise of her, I cant find much AT all ;-; all them bootlegs are evil  on ebay

Im looking for some of the kids, the bath salt, and many more! => I dont do flats at all unless its really unique art

I do have all her time stuff excluding the tin ( if she got one! ) And I have her TFG, and her sitting kid?  also i'm from the UK! 

TO MAKE THIS LESS BORING because daaaaarn it really is. I do end up asking this everytime anyways

poketattoo's! Does anyone have one? => I ask on Fbook all the time as I love tattoo's so dearly ( I have 9-10 XD ) .. I have the onemuri pikachu, 2 eevees ( one on wrist, one huge one down my leg ) and a pokeball on my foot (

Tags: absol
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