rarity_skye (rarity_skye) wrote in pkmncollectors,

A place for my collection

Well for those of whom wanted to se me as a little girl with my pikachu plush me and my mother are fairly sure the picture was ruined with a bunch of others cause we cant find it.
But i did some weeding through my room and found out i had so much extra junk on my bookshelf that once i organized it i had an entire extra shelf, so my pokemon have a home now:) Yes you can se whats probably a sixth of my ponies but ponies aside:p

Well all except my takara tomy glaceon Melody who sits on my bed with me. And i think when i get my new glaceons dialga is probably gonna have to sit on top the tv:p

Everyone was surely right about my collection growing and quickly, i already have four new glaceon things on their way and I'm super excited!:3 ~Skye

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