Danielsard2 (danielsard2) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Con get... for sale

Hi comm

Today I went wit miss10 o Animate! Miami convention.

Among all the awesome entertainment and goodies, I found this HQ eevee brand new with tags, and want to offer it to you guys in an auction starting at $25

Wouldn't you like to take me home with you? I am super soft and cute =3
Please remember the rules
This auction ends on the 23rd of January at 10 PM EST to give everybody a chance to get eevee shipped before prices go up in the US.

For your comfort, here is a counter =D

Here are some pics. Please remember that if you click them, you will be taken to imgur for larger pics

Please Don't bid until all threads are up. ll threads up!! Bid away!! =3

Tags: auction, banpresto, eevee
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