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Adventure Goods Promo, Tails, gets and side collections!

I come to you guys today with a bunch of information packed into one post! It might get a little long so I apologize in advance.

First up, the Adventure Goods Promo started today. I know everyone was excited for charms, Moo Moo Milk cookies and rare candies, but the star of the show was definitely the substitute plushes! And they turned out to be as adorable in person as they were in the pictures. I can't wait for everyone to get theirs and to see their funny substitute stories!

The notepads are kind of tiny but still cute.

Rare candies.

Milk cookies.

DS cases and game cartridge holders.

Clear files...

Substitute plushies!!! So many of them!

The promotion was spread out over a small area, so everywhere I turned, more sub plushes!

The Adventure Goods promo area was not as crowded, thankfully, mainly because everyone turned up for N goods. *shakes fist* Not only did they re-release a bunch of N merchandise, but they also have a promo where for every 1500 yen you spend, you can pick one of five coasters.

I ended up with these two. I like the ferris wheel and...the other I picked at random (hehe)

Ready for some detailed shots? I know I am!

The container for the rare candies is too adorable. This picture is courtesy of sakusha who bought them.

The candies themselves, however, are pretty meh design wise and are just generic soda flavored candy.

I was much more impressed with the Moo Moo Milk cookies.

There's even Maggyo on the bottom!

The cookies themselves look like Moo Moo Milk, and they are tasty! Points all around.

Straps! I got two: Vulpix and Scraggy.

Vulpix out of the packaging. They are really easy to extract without damaging the cardboard.

Last but not least...

Sub plush!

He is too adorable!

From the back!

Tag art~

Finally, size comparison! They are pretty tiny, about Pokedoll size.

After paying for our Adventure Goods and getting ready to leave, we spied this poster for an amazing promotion that's coming out the second week of February.

Anyone sick of Eevees? Well, too bad XD here is some more.

Although, as a Minccino collector, I am of course, SUPER EXCITED for the Minccino stuff. All of it. I am buying all of it!

Phone cases and tail charm phone decorations made specifically for the iPhone 5. Woooo!

Tail cups! Straps!

Pens! Pencils!

The huge tails only come in two types: Pikachu and Eevee. Likewise, the Pikachu pouch in the top left corner also only comes in Pikachu and Eevee.

The bottom right corner says: And More. Until they make a formal announcement on the website, though, I have no idea what the And More can be. Just based off the poster, though, here are the goods to expect:

Plush multi-pouch: Pikachu/Eevee
Big tail keychains: Pikachu/Eevee
Soft phone cases and headphone jack tail accesories: 6 types
Tail straps: 6 types
Pens/Pencils: 6 types
Mugs: Eevee/Pikachu/Minccino

WHO IS EXCITED. I totally am.

And since we are on the topic of Minccino, here are some Minccino gets of mine over the past several months.

My collection has expanded a bit.... XD

One of the gorgeous Christmas charms from a couple years back. I love this design so much, mainly because of how unique it is.

I also got the matching cardboard (?) ornament decoration. I am so lucky to have gotten them!

I got this clear file in a lot of Minccino stuff I won off of Y!J.

Inside is where I store my Cinccino settei XD

This shopper bag is one of the prizes of my collection. I still have to figure out a way to display it.

Finally, the Cinccino MPC came out. Yaaaay! Now my MPC evolutionary line is complete.

Custom Minccino Snowmon thanks to sorjei, who does amazing plush work. The Jakks Minccino was a gift from allinia and the die comes from lucario.

Custom Pokedoll statue made by lapopearmadillo.

Tissues I just bought for Cinccino XD To add to my tissue collection.

These soap figures are new! Gin bought a couple last week and the first one she opened just happened to be Minccino! I was so excited.

And last but not least... a quick peek at my sudden side collections.

First up, Victini. I went from having one mini Victini plush to having...more than one. They are all so cute and he combines two of my favorite things: Fire and psychic!

My rather larger than it used to be Umbreon collection. I still don't consider myself even a side collector of Umbreon, rather an appreciator. Maybe someday I will accept it.

To make room for Victini's, I moved my Eevees onto my brand new shelves! Here is the tippy top, which I reserved specifically for HQ Eevee. His shelf also includes the area specific goods and some misc. Mansion Eevee goods.

Second shelf down, the rest of the Vees!

Last but not least, the couch. This is where the Pikachus, random Pokemon and 1:1 Victini rest, as well as Eevee cushion and blanket. That Victini is one of my favorite plush, by the way.

And there we have it!

Thanks to everyone who read through all that. I hope it wasn't too boring!

I am excited to hear everyone's thoughts on the up-coming promo by the way. Perhaps my only advisory, if I may advise, is no negative comments if possible. :)
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