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The start of something beautiful!

Hello I'm Caryntjen,

I'm glad I finally joined this great community. I've been on the website for about a year, mostly lurking around, but never got to the point of registering an account.

At the moment I haven't got a 'big' collection, compared against most people here :)! My collection is almost exclusively Trading Figure Game figures :). I have a lot of first edition print pieces! Got the whole Next Quest set, some Black Star Promos and a few Groundbreakers and third expansion miniatures. I'm going to make a long picture post about these in the near future:)! Anyways, it was a sad, sad day when these were cancelled. I really liked the game and of course the high quality miniatures.

Other than that I have 2 Monster Collection figures both Shaymin in a different forme. I got them a while back! I really like the sky forme!
Shaymin: Land & Sky Forme
And that's about it. Of course in the past I had a TCG, key chains, etc... just like everyone in those glorious days of generation I, but my parents gave them away after I went to college :(.

So I've finally decided to put my energy in a different collection. I've been trying to get my head arround what I really want and it's been a tough choice. I really like the Zukans because they have a similar art style as the TFG figures. But these Monster Collections are really nice to collect and those Kids are darn cute. Then I see these Pokédolls and I get even more excited :D! Oh darn, why is this so hard :)?

But looking more into each and every item, I know it's hard to start a collection when some of the merchandise is already out from 1996. So, I tried looking at what's doable and what's not. So then these Kyun Chara's start appearing and it's like the universe was telling me something :)! So I'm going to start with these great miniatures :)! After that I'm going to look for small sizes of Pokédolls (I don't know if there a lot of keychain sized dolls), probably of Shaymin. And after that I'll consider these Kids or Zukans and collect them casually.

I'm also looking into these great D-Arts toys from Tomy!


Thank you for reading and I'm hoping to be a really good contributor to this community!
Tags: blastoise, charizard, collection, mewtwo, shaymin, tomy, trading, venusaur
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