mewisme700 (mewisme700) wrote in pkmncollectors,

A few things :3

Ello Pokemon peeps!!
So today I come with a few things.

First off I have two Charmander Pokedolls. But I legit have no idea what the difference of them are. The smaller one is 2004 velboa, but the booty tag is TINY. Like really small. I don't believe he is the mini pokedoll because he is the same size as his starter brothers. But then again, i don't know because I don't have any other mini pokedolls. And the fatter one has no tags at all. Can someone tell me the difference? Are they Japanese or American releases?


Second here's an update on my Natu/Xatu collection. I am currentally in need of the Zukan still if anyone has one they're willing to sell :3 I have no idea how much it's worth though :p

And third, I am craving a new pokedoll. I am currently after the Butterfree Pokedoll. The most I am willing pay is $35-$40 because I don't care what condition he is in.

Thanks guys! also check out m sales and what not :D Willing to do trades as well!

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