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Plush-tastic update!

Hey it's been a while since I've updated, and I've got lots of new snuggly guys to show so I thought I'd make an update (Even though I have lots I'm still expecting in the mail too!)

 photo newstuffwoop002_zps0310c2ef.jpg

This is sprinkles my patchwork minccino, he is quite handsome! I love the little print on these patchwork plushies its so intricate and fun to look at! And they really are much softer then you'd think, I've seen these plushies get a lot of attention on the comm, so I don't need to tell you, but if you're considering getting plushes from this line definitly do! It's worth it :)

Also there is blooper jr. my elektrik MPC who is ever so charming with his shocked looking expression, I'm excited to get Blooper (not Jr.) whenever the Eelektross plush comes out! I know they're going to be hard to get and popular though (wooooh having mainstream tastes in pokemon... ;P)

And even though she isn't a plush we can't forget my little minccino tomy! Any main collection isn't complete without your standards like kids, canvas plush, pokedolls, and of course tomy's!!!

 photo newstuffwoop003_zpsf0738219.jpg

Sprinkles is a camera hog, that's okay though he's photogenic!

 photo newstuffwoop010_zps135052f5.jpg

This is Gentleman, she's beautiful. Yeah, she. She's named after my girlfriend's stoutland in her white game, she's a beast. when she catches pokemon she tends to catch female pokemon when she's thought of the perfect boy name, that doesn't stop her though xD I think it's awesome. I got this plush in an auction for pretty cheap, it's even more gorgeous than I thought it'd be :)

 photo newstuffwoop009_zps7355cfdb.jpg

Finally got one of these pretty snakies! And for a decent price too, thanks to a comm member doing pickups <3
Her name is Peppermint and she knows she's beautiful! I never knew that american release pokedolls didn't have attatched tags though, that's kind of neat :)

 photo newstuffwoop011_zps7483a6bf.jpg

I remember the night this pink little pokedoll came out, I almost flipped! I have a secret love for the slowpoke line and this is the cutest little plushie his tail is so chubby like him!!! His name is gumball :) and that's pokey on top of him, he's not new, but they just look so cute together with there derp faces!

 photo newstuffwoop012_zps32bf497e.jpg

And of course the star of the pokedoll release, and why wouldn't they be this has been a much anticipated want in the comm for a while it seems like! His name is Pretzel (I like ot name my pokemon after food, if that isn't too obvious xD) He a mad cutie! Almost as cute as the Raichu DX mega-happiface plush :) I love this chubby little orange mouse!!

 photo newstuffwoop013_zpsfc7442e2.jpg

This is mozzarella, originally I wan't going to cave and I was only going ot get the dragonair from the newest pokemon time promotion, but look at those loving puppy eyes!!! No regrets!!! <3

 photo newstuffwoop014_zpsfa964fab.jpg

Had one of these guys a long time ago, but then I sold him. And then I regretted it ever since. This little guy doesn't have his little shakey box though, so hes mad soft, which I think makes him even more charming! His name is Gaucamole :)

 photo newstuffwoop015_zpsb04526a3.jpg

This is honey, because that little face is sweeter than honey! She's so soft too, I'm so glad I got one, these HQ eevee's are to die for and she looks mad cute next o my 1/1 eevee Bubu, he's trying to charm her with those sauve eevee brows.

 photo newstuffwoop020_zps6cce34b9.jpg

I'm going to invest in another shelf soon to house my constantly growing addiction :P for now my newest plushies clutter up my dresser, thats okay though I love them so it's okay :)

 photo newstuffwoop019_zps35d8ef67.jpg

An overveiw of my collection as of today :) <3

 photo newstuffwoop017_zps8b8be9b8.jpg

Also I got lots of games for christmas so I set those up with my poke magazines and other pokemon games on my eevee blanket, also very proud of this display <3
And my pikachu console looks nice here too :)

 photo newstuffwoop005_zpsd63752cb.jpg

And my Cinno's have certainly expanded <3 I'm so excited about the new pokemon tail promo!! Say bye to all my money (like I have any from my collection addiction anyway right xD)

Also just wondering for fun, what kind of pokemon do you hope to see in future promos. I really like that they're giving attention to somewhat overlooked pokemon like dunsparce and slowpoke! :) I hope we see a ninetales in the future (not that ninetales is one of the forgotten pokemon but I would love to see plushes of it!) And also maybe quilava, the only middle starter to not get a plush I beleive >:(

Anyway thoughts? I'm sure this question is asked lots but I dunno I atleasth aven't seen it in a while so yeah :)
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