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Gets of the week! :)

Oh my god ;-; I don't know what append, but I had to delete my first post because of some crazy red and bold writing that didn't want to get out of my post D:

Hi again everyone! :)

Today I am showing of the new pokemon merchandise I got this week to add to my collection ^-^ 
Just a small re-intro, my name is Vanessa and I am a 21 years old pokemon freak who LOVE collecting plushies! My collection is mainly plush (of course ><), more specifically pokedolls :) but I will be adding some Tomy figure soon ^-^ I just need my mom to find the ones I had as a kid XD We don't live in the same city sadly :( so I can't help her in that quest. I CAN'T wait for the new international Tomy merchandise :D

This is my new super tuny and cute Jolteon plush from the I love Eevee keychain set :) I am trying to collect Eevee, Flareon and Jolteon form the promotion so I am hoping to get Flareon really soon ^-^ next week hopefully!

This Pokemon Center Servine plush comes from ebay :) I got it for a SUPER deal O: so great that I was expecting to get a bootleg! but at my big surprise ^-^ I got a super cute and legit Servine :3 now I want Pignite and Dewott to complete the set :D

The next 3 pokedolls (Slowpoke, Charizard and Raichu) comes from sunyshore and I would like to thank Denkemouse to have put them in 2 bags >< Canada post totaly destroyed the envelope before giving it to me O: like it was already open before I had the chance to take a pair of cisors to open it ): kinda scary.... but the 2 layers of bags was enough to protect all 3 of them :)

This is my new Samurott Pokedoll :D:D:D:D I've been looking for the Japanese version for so long now!!!!! They are sold out everywhere D: and if not, they are SUPER expensive!!! I got this baby from dtrain4eva IMG_3362

That's it for this week :) hopefully I will get the rest of my order next week so that I can make a full collection update ^-^
Thanks for looking :D

(Is it just me or everything is lagging D: or maybe its just this post who doesn't want to be shared ><)

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