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calling all kaiyodo fans!!! auctions and sales

first of all, thanks for all the ichiban kuji claims! i might have to buy out two entire lottos at this point o_o my new local 711's don't know yet they are dealing with pkmncollectors. i may roll by my old ones who are used to this sort of thing.

second: yes! pulley plushies and other things are now in sunyshore. go and get! and take away my N coasters too, augh...

Now! I have some amazing cool things for auction.

A while back some very amazing Black Kyurem and White Kyurem TCG Boxes with awesome kaiyodo figures of the two dragons. I was very excited, since I was very bored by the zekrom figure kaiyodo made, as it was boring. I loved this black kyurem figure using freeze bolt, but then...

They canceled it.

So much for finally wanting a new kaiyodo figure... but I did not give up and searched and searched for prototypes or anything else. After all, those TFG sets all got canceled and we still own those, right?

Long story short...
Black and White Kyurem Kaiyodo Figure Prototypes/Copies, now available for bidding!!

Keep in mind the usual disclaimers about canceled Kaiyodo figures:
-These are factory prototypes and/or prototype copies and were never officially released
-Authenticity status is completely uncertain

Like their canceled TFG counterparts, these figures have top quality detail but with lots of various paint flecks here and there. Each figure is slightly different in pose, manner, expression, and paint job. I've taken shots to show each figure's details as best I can so you can choose one you like before bidding!

★Each figure begins at 20$!
★Bid in the proper thread!
★Bidding will go until Thursday, January 24th, 11 PM Eastern Standard Time.

All three White Kyurems have fairly well placed eyes (better than most officially released zukans) and no major facial flaws.

Black Kyurem 1 has more wonky eyes, but I think 2 has a slight crack in his bolt (visible by his right hand).

Finally, I am working on redoing all my collection photos since moving. But Black Kyurem Kaiyodo is not the only amazing get I've gotten this weekend.

Until next time!
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