Lorelli Gishason (lady_lau) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Lorelli Gishason

Introduction and collection post

Hello! This is my first collection post and I am very happy to share it with everyone. :) My name is Laura I'm from Canada. I've been off and on collecting since Pokemon came to the west but I've always consistently collected the cards. Now that I've joined this comm I'm sure I will be collecting at a faster pace though! ;)

Plush pile!! Raichu and Croagunk and the newest, thank you denkimouse :)

Just a few manga I have here~

Pins!! All of the badges I earned at my local League, when we had one :) Charmander, squirtle and PKMN trainer are fanmade.
I'm not sure where I got the Kabutops, but I've had it forever.

Matching TCG League cards to the badges I have

Old cards and TCG wrappers.. I've been keeping the wrappers since Fossil came out and I just love them!

That's all for now! I was originally going to do a collection post in a few days but I decided it would be better to break it up into a few posts, mostly because my TCG collection is a whole post by itself!! I have way too many cards..
Tags: archen, collection, raichu, vaporeon
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