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Jade the Four Eyed Alien

Hoppips and such

This post was originally going to be all Hoppip's, but man I have so many things I wanna show off to people

HOPPIPS. I currently have every Hoppip/Skiploom/Jumpluff plush out there except for 2! Hoppip springy cord plush, which shares the same pattern as the big Hoppip/Pikachu UFO, which is why I'm in no big rush to find one and the little itty bitty Skiploom mascot which I've never seen ever, gimme gimme. And a butt load of great customs made by many artists!
Recent additions were 3 of the tiny magnet plush! A friend had three of them for sale, so of course I needed to adopt all of them. ;u;

If you want any individual pictures of any certain ones, let me know!

With all the new cute pokedolls I've been getting, I set up a little display next to my bed. Guys on top are easy access for cuddles!

When I got Aipom, he was a bit dirtier than I originally thought, so I gave him a bath and brushed his teeth! I had never cleaned a plush before, so it was a fun experience. I think I got more attached to him after bathing him.
Before and after shots.

And I, like everyone else it seems; got bit by the Eevee craze. I have a full set that is hanging out on my TV!

My friend came to visit over her winter break and brought a full set of place mats that we went in on together. So obviously we had to eat our meals with matching eatery and vees.

help we're dorks

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