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I recently found because a fellow comm member showed me one of my grails being sold there. I didn't know how to use it (and still dont!) so I couldn't bid on it, and the auction ended :( I'm really new to noppin, since I've only ever bought anything online on this website. I've looked up several other plush (mainly charmander!) and I think most the sellers there don't sell outside of Japan. *sad face* Even If they did, I wouldn't be able to buy since they only take "Yahoo Bank Easy Payment" and the delivery method is something called "BOON Yoko" and "Yu-Pack". I have no idea what these are, or even if these are something I can do from the U.S. Can someone explain how to make purchaces on noppin to me? I know some members here have bought from there and from Y!J, and I'm wondering if the two are similar in the way the purchases are? If google converter is correct, the items there are really cheap and within my price range (a pair Pikachu keychain plush for $17!!) and I would love to buy from there. Someone help!
Also, if this post isn't allowed, I'll delete it and make a similar post on my own LJ journal.

Sorry for the boring post. I will be photographing my small collection tommorrow! Thanks for reading!
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