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collection weeding sales/offers~

Hi guys! I hope everyone in the states has MLK off. ^^

Today I bring you guys a collection weeding sales. :'( Sadly I've decided I need to get rid of some stuff because I'm just hoarding way too much. What you'll find under the cut includes the New Years Sleeping Oshawott plush, a custom shiny Sandile plush, Canvases, rare Pokedolls, & a 2010 Onemuri Pikachu Blanket.

Also, to everyone who brought from me from my last sales post: all domestic packages have gone out except for 2 and the rest of the international packages will go out this Tuesday. Sorry about the delay!

Please read my policies before inquiring, thank you. :)

  • Sales permission given by entirelycliched on December 19th, 2011.
  • I ship from California to worldwide.
  • My default shipping method is First Class w/ tracking in the US & First Class International.
  • I take no responsibility for lost packages or damages done to your order after it's been shipped, so please inquire about insurance if needed.
  • Items that are inquired are not temporarily reserved, so please let be clear whether you're committed to the purchase or not after I give you a quote. During this period of time, the items would still be up for grabs for others.
  • If you're committed to purchasing an item, I can hold up to 10 days for your payment.
  • Payment plans, eChecks, and money orders are welcome as long as you discuss it with me beforehand.
  • My items come from a cat & guinea pig-friendly home. Even though they don't come near my collection, there is still a chance that their hair might have gotten around the house so please be warned if you have severe allergies.
  • Please leave offers in the same fashion as you would in an auction. Meaning reply to the bids in the right place & deleting your comments is not allowed!
  • The option to BIN an item stays even when there are bids.
  • Offers will end indefinitely, most likely before the USPS price hike. I will accept whatever I am comfortable with.
  • You can see my feedbacks here.
  • I am open to haggling at this time!


[2012 PokeCen Onemuri Pikachu Blanket]
I will not take anything under $130.
I understand that this is a very high starting price but I'm very attached. :'( It features a Pikachu with embroidery borders and a cloth band with a sleeping Pikachu plush to keep the blanket in place. The blanket itself isn't very big, only enough to cover a baby. The material is very soft.. not sure what it is exactly but feels like long minky to me. ^^

[2012 Pokecen New Years Sleeping Oshawott Plush]
I will not take anything under $80, or you can BIN it at $130.
I actually have two of these Oshawott plushies so I really need to let one go to make more room. ^^; The material is super soft.. softer than minky in my opinion! & This guy is absolutely huge, he is only a couple of inches shorter than the 1:1 if I recall from what I've seen in a comparison picture in the past. :)

[Custom Shiny 1:1 Sandile Plush by DarkDragonKaida on DA]
I will take not anything under $20, or you can BIN it at $40.
Another thing I'm reluctant to let go. :c I am the second owner of this plush & he is very cuddly! He is about 2 ft. long like his PokeDex entry & he even has his blue belly. xD I did however find a tiny hole on his left hind leg. :( I'm a complete dummy when it comes to plush repair so I really can't do anything about it. Maybe whoever adopts him can fix up his boo-boo. :D

[2001 Banpresto Teddiursa UFO]
I will not take anything under $10, or you can BIN it at $20.
She is almost as cute as her Pokedoll counterpart! They both have embroidery eyes and noses!
[2006 PokeCen Teddiursa Pokedoll]
I will not take anything under $35, or you can BIN it at $50.
She is the US version and is in extremely minty condition! Even though she's velboa this is honestly the softest velboa I've ever felt in all my plushies. xD I personally think she looks way better than her 2009 Minky Re-release. She is however, lacking her hang tag, but that doesn't make her any less cuter. :)
(If you BIN the Teddiursa's together, they'll be $72 shipped in the US or 75 shipped internationally!)

[2001 Banpresto Sleeping Totodile/Pichu DX UFO]
I will not take anything under $25, or you can BIN it at $35.
These guys are sewned together! They're made of velveteen, the same material as Plushplush way back in the days. :) It is very smooth to touch. The plush does lack its hangtag however!
[2005 Tomy Fuzzy Torchic Plush]
I will not take anything under $40, or you can BIN it at $50.
If you're feeling down, just look at this Torchic's face. :D She is fuzzy, soft, & decently-sized: about 9"from the top of her head to her butt.. about 15" total! However, she does have some stains on her head feathers that should come off with a bit of soap. She does come with both of her tags but due to old age, her hang tag has a few creases. >< I'm kinda reluctant to let her go thus the high price.

[1998 Banpresto Mr. Mime UFO]
I will not take anything under $25.
This is the only official plush of Mr. Mime if I'm correct. He is in mint condition & comes with both his tush tag and hang tag! The hang tag however does have some bents but no creases? I tried to take a picture of it but it's still hard to tell. :( Eitherway the hang tag looks completely fine unless you inspect it close-up or something. xD

[Straight Sales]
2010 Takara Tomy Jirachi Plush - $16 OBO (tush tag only)

[Unknown Origin Latios/Latias Plush]
I will not take anything under $15 each.
I honestly don't know what these are.. I checked PPP and the pattern looks just like the Banpresto Yawarakai Lati UFO's from 2006 but these are definitely made from a different material & have no tags whatsoever. I believe they may be bootlegs or even prototypes of the two plushes mentioned!
(If you win both of them together, I will knock off $2 from your total!)

[2006 PokeCen Chatot Pokedoll]
I will not take anything under $25, or you can BIN it at $35.
This is the US version! He only comes with his tush tag but thankfully unlike most other plushies in that picture he does not faceplant at all. xD He is in mint condition.

[Straight Sales]
200? Shinx Pokedoll - $11 OBO (tush tag cut, has a black dot on his tail)
2011 Pokemon Musical Deerling - $25 OBO (hang tag detached but will be reattached upon shipment)
2010 PokeCen Tepig Plush - $8 OBO (US version, good at giving piggy bag rides)
2008 Glaceon Pokedoll - $35 OBO (JP version, hang tag detached but will be reattached upon shipment, tag has a crease on the back but not on the front)
2010 Zorua Pokedoll - $12 OBO (US version, tush tag only)

[Straight Sales]
2011 Squirtle Canvas - $25 OBO (both tags intact)
2011 Torchic Canvas - $21 OBO (both tags intact)
2011 Piplup Canvas - $21 OBO (both tags intact)

[Straight Sales]
2012 Movie Version Banpresto Meloetta UFO - $14 OBO (both tags intact)
2007 Jakks Pacific Drifloon Plush - $16 OBO (tush tag only)

[Straight Sales]
2011 Banpresto Victini Shimmery Ribbon UFO - $8 OBO (tush tag only)
2011 Banpresto Pikachu Shimmery Ribbon UFO - $11 OBO (both tags intact tag only)

[Straight Sales]
Factory Rejects Pansage/Pansear/Panpour MPC's - $2/each or $7 shipped for all 3 if you're in the US/Canada, or $9 shipped anywhere else!

Thanks for looking everyone. :)

Please do not make any comments until all threads are up, thank you!
Inquire away~
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