neko_dono250 (neko_dono250) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Couple quick TCG wants and a question

I bought a few Dragon Vault packs a little while ago, but never managed to complete the set. All the cards are so pretty and shiny, I'd like to get the last couple remaining ones. If anyone has one or both, I will throw some money your way. Plus my eternal gratitude.

I know both pictures are of the Japanese release, but I'm looking for the English version.


Also, I have a quick question. I recently bought the TCG binder from the Pokemon Center Eevee promotion. It came with a TCG card for each Eeveelution, except there was a black and white picture of a special Trainer card that had all the Eevees on it, and a pamphlet in the binder talking about it. I don't know Japanese, so if anyone has any information on this card, or how to get it that would be great. I've looked on the community, and *tried* looking it up on the internet, but no luck
Tags: wanted
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