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'KARP wanted ASAP + quick sales + GA?

I'm looking for a Magikarp Pokedoll. O__O I don't care about condition.

Sorry for the boring post. I NEED him. xD

Also NEED to get rid of all this stuff. >_<

Sales permission granted by: entirelycliched on December 9th 2012!

~ I ship from the 31204, Macon, GA in the US. I use USPS as my shipping company. I have access to the post office daily!
~ I do NOT ship internationally. I'm sorry, but I'm not familiar with that, yet. D:
~ Shipping starts at $1.50 for flats and $2.50 for non-flats.
~ Once your item is shipped out, I am NOT responsible for lost or stolen packages. If you are concerned, please specify if you'd like tracking/insurance on your item.
~ All prices do NOT include shipping/Paypal fees.

~ All payments to: sleepyh22a (at) gmail.com
~ I accept Paypal only.
~ I DO accept trades/partial trades! Haggling is fine!
~ I hold items for 24 hours. After that, it's first come first serve, or on to the next person who is interested.

Buy all for $65, or:

New w/ tags Jakks Darumaka - $10

Japanese Takara Tomy w/ tags Victini - $10

Custom large Pidgey plush! - $15

Tomy Igglybuff - $10

Pokemon Center Rayquaza - $10

Waffle-ish? idk Igglybuff with tag - $6

Waffle-ish? idk Cleffa with tag - $6

Squirtle Ornament - $5
Eevee Ornament - $6
Charmander Ornament - $5
these are quite large and heavy!


Would anyone be interested in hosting this lot as a GA?

It's on ebay. I'd be interested in claiming dat small Magikarp plush thing. D: Except I don't know anything about GA's...

Thanks. c:
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