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Stairway Party GA Reminder + Collection Gets

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Reminder that Stairway Party GA ends within 24 hrs from now!

Click pic or here to teleport

Lots of plush without bids!
We also had a problem with the timer but it's been fixed. If you happened to bookmark it dont forget to update with the new one!

I have added lots of Lotads to my collection this month! Along with some oither things

Got all this amazing stash from foureyedalien Some old sculpts of hers :D Loveeee the pantrio!

New MPC plush! Ferroseed I got from zenity and Darmanitan was a xmas gift from herar who also got me:

SHINY LOTAD KID!!!!!! She is just the most amazing friend ;w;!!! I never imagined I'd own this. He is so perfect!
And that charabottlin' figure was proving difficult to obtain and she went and bought a lot that had it ;o;!!!
SHE IS SO SWEET. Just look how fat that tad is. SO FAT AND CUTE. AND SHINY LOTAD.

She also middled this Tohoku hanky for me! It came with a postcard too :D This is my most favorite art ever. I still really want the shopping bag and clearfile too ;w; Among a few other things Tohoku put out with it!

And while I'm gushing about flats, here's some christmas ones I got! I spotted the poster on someone elses a wall in Nov or so and just knew I HAD TO HAVE IT. However I didnt know how to go about finding it and didnt think i'd ever ;w;

New pansticker additions :) Happy to have Mandibuzz but Vullaby is stupid hard to find (not counting yj, but the fees/shipping for a single sticker dont seem worth it..) if you have one you'd sell please let me know!

And new kids :) Been after the birds since they were released! The others were impulse buys.. One of these days I will get Braviary and male Unfezant and complete my Unova birds! Well, technically I will still need Archen/Archeops too XD

Some more kids and other cute things :) Love the postcards! Munch <3

Vanillite pokedoll at last!

I also added a 2nd Palpi mpc and seismitoad stamp :3

And that just leaves these cute Psyduck things :)

Also wanted to show off a few sections of my collection :3

Above my desk, where I spend most of my time, so I stare at these all day :3

This shelf is quickly filling up!

And how I'm using the mini pokedoll house hehe

Also have a few wants
Lotads! I only know of 4 I'm missing but if you have any show me pics :)

Hoping to find these 2 together to save on shipping, and hoping for around $8 shipped (with or w/o box/stickers). Also might be interested in panstickers of them!

Looking for these too! The hankie I'm hoping to find as a clearfile or something with more image shown?

Thanks, hope everyone has a great week!
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