Don't be such a sour lemon (em_lemon) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Don't be such a sour lemon

WTB virizion pokecen plush + info?

Hi guys!

I've found myself wanting a nice plush of virizion! I already have the pokedoll, but I suppose I want something more.. proportionate? I really like virizion's design, so I thought it would be best to get a plush of it now before things get too crazy with the new gen..!

Does anyone have a virizion pokecen plush for sale?

If not, could someone help me with some things? Are these still available at the pokemon centre? how much did they cost when they were released, and what would be a reasonable amount to pay for it now?
I see some on ebay & pokevault, but I have no idea if they are overpriced or not :S
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