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Lets try this again (~~Auction~~)

So i have make this auction post before month ago (if is not allow ill take it down). So here we go~~~

-All community rules for auction/sales wi apply, which can be fou HERE
- No retracting bid/offer. A negative feedback will be left in the community, and you will be banned from my future business.
- Please bid at least $1 or more
- I only acce Paypal ut if you have problem with it you can talk to me, than i will accept for different payment method )
- All funds should be sent

- I ship from U.S.
- I do ship internationally. But please ask me for an estimate cost of shipping and fee before you send your payment if you are concerned.
- Usually the shipping and handling fees domestic will start around $2.50 for a light item, up to $10.00 for a heavy one like plush or large figure. If you have purchased multiple light items, the cost will rise a little. (This include shipping, and paypal fee)
- I will ship your items within one week after CLEARED PAYMENT.
- I am not responsible for damaged or lost items once they are in the post system. In this case, I can a insurance th request but additional fee will occur in this case.

The Auction will be end at Jan. 29, 2013 at 7pm ES

sales permission on 09/03/11 by dakajojo.


im selling this separaterly each start $5

        Regice Pokedoll Charm  
                Start $20
                                                  Shiny Entei Charm
                                                         Start $20
Pokemon Center Osaka 2011 Anniversary Pikachu Plush 
               Brand New with Tag and paper Tag
(Picture borrow from eBay,if you need i can take a picture, it just won't be that clear)

                        Start  $75

Please don't bid until im down with the commen

Also i still have my sale post here ----->, please come check it out to find some interest thing you like ^__^
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