baron von kellogs (kefanii) wrote in pkmncollectors,
baron von kellogs

suddenly-- sales post, outta nowhere!

Holy shit look at all this stuff!!!!!!!!

Angrychu quickly took all the Pikachus and Raichus under his watchuful eyes.

Most of these items are for sale, so lets get to it! :3

Darkrai UFO plush (about 5-7 inches, adorable!): $9

Sloooooooooowpokes for sale!
$10 for this lot ON HOLD!

Kids for sale:
Palkia, Dialga, Electrode, Chimchar, Moltres, Zapdos, Articuno, Jigglypuff, Gligar, Gabite, Manaphy
Treecko, Torchic, Cherrim: $3
Happiny: $2

Dragonair and Charmander jinglybell keychains: $4

From right to left:
Tail-less chu: $1 ON HOLD
Glowingchu keychain: $2
Original Pikachu kid: $2
Pikachu on a string: $3 (I'll take a better picture if anybody wants, he's actually supercute... and sort of looks like he is laying a pokeball egg) ON HOLD
Surfingchu: $3
Gashapon Raichu: $4 ON HOLD
Raichu kid: $3
Snap Together Raichu:$4 ON HOLD

Kids auctions:
Original Espeon kid: Current bid $7
Raikou kid: Auction begins at $7
Houndoom kid: Current bit $7
Meowth 'n guitar kid: Auction begins at $5
Glaceon kid: Current bid $8

Angrychu could be yours! He is big and huggable, probably about 10 inches tall, and very clean, mint with tags!
Current bid: $11

All auctions end on Thursday at 10 PM CST, (which is 11 PM EST)! Please keep your bids for each item in one thread.

Annnd rules of the sales!

- Payments accepted are paypal or money orders
- Shipping will include a small paypal fee (if it's paypal, obvs)
- International shipping is no problem
- I will hold for up to 3 days, after that, we'll talk

... that's about it! :D
Tags: articuno, charmander, cherrim, chimchar, darkrai, dragonair, espeon, gabite, garchomp, glaceon, gligar, happiny, houndoom, jigglypuff, kids, meowth, moltres, pikachu, plush, raichu, raikou, sales, slowbro, slowpoke, torchic, treecko, zapdos
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