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Did anyone already post this up here? Black Kyurem Box & White Kyurem Box April Release (Hopefully).

Hey guys, I don't know if anyone already posted this up on the comm, but apparently The Pokemon Company didn't fully cancel the Black/White Kyurem Boxes from November and are releasing them in April instead (they changed the design of the figures though). This news was just released yesterday I think. Here's a picture of them:

(Credit to Pokecollection & Banter for the photos. Please let me know if these pictures have to be taken down.)

Bigger pic:

Here's what the old figures looked like:

(Credit to Pokecollection for the photo)

So, what do you all think about these? I really love the overdrive figures (definite buy for me), but the attack poses of the prototype ones were better.

Also, MORE Emerging Powers?!? >:(
Why is that card set still being put in boxes & tins (And not Noble Victories, Next Destinies, or Dark Explorers) ?
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