Hebi/Lea (hebilea) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Payment 1 due for Christmas in January GA!

Hello there guys!
We won the Christmas in January GA with some really nice discounts!! =D

Please read the rules before you pay!

- Send all payments to jncumbers@hotmail.com
- Please send all payments within 48 hours. I will send out a reminder PM at 24 hours remaining. If I hear nothing from you within the 48 hours, there will be negatives left.
- Send all payments as goods, with "(Username) Christmas in Jan GA Payment 1" in the subject, and your username and what you won in the note.
- Once you've paid, please comment here and edit the spreadsheet to say you have paid.

You can find the spreadsheet here:

Thank you guys for participating! :)
Tags: group auction, payments
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