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A "gets" photostory

I got a package from my mom today... which included my plush from couchpotatonet's GA #34!

Since I didn't do a photostory all Christmas break... because I would have been doing one every few weeks... I figured I'd do one now!

So, without further ado... it's a little image heavy

One fine day, the "big pokemon" were all watching television...

Daisy: Do you think that Pokemon could get any of these diseases? 
Chika: I don't think so...
Rosie: I'm pretty sure that if we could, we'd all be sick right now. We're fine.

Chika: Now that I think about it... are we sure the little ones aren't watching this? This would probably scare them out of their minds.
Dean: I'm sure they're fine... and if they're not, well... we'll deal with that later.

Kitty: We're definitely not supposed to be watching this show...
Smile: But it's awesome! ... hey, what are the kids doing, anyway?
Kitty: I don't know, I thought you were watching them.
Smile: Well, I don't hear anyone crying, so I think we're fine.
Kitty: I am so getting nightmares from this.

Fortunately, despite their less than watchful babysitters, the little ones were just playing hide and seek.
Gumdrop: 1... 2... 3...
Mai: She'll never find me back here!

Sammy: It's a lot more fun playing hide and seek when it's more that just us!
Pumpkin: It sure is! I kinda hope we get to finish this game without finding anything...

Sammy: Here we go again... guys, come look at this!

Mai: Oooohhh, what's this?
Gumdrop: I have no idea, what do you think, Sammy?
Sammy: Not a clue.
Pumpkin: I just want to stop finding things during our hide and seek games...

Smile: Hey, guys, what's going- OH MY GOODNESS!
Kitty: Mai, get off of there, there might be someone inside!
Mai: Alright, fine...
Sammy: Hey, Dean! Come check this out!

Dean: So, any idea what it is?
Sammy: Nope.
Rosie: Well, the best thing to do is open it and see what's inside.
???: Mmm! Mmph!
Daisy: Yep, definitely. Someone bite it open!

???: Ah, thank you! That was a bit of a tight fit!

Gumdrop: So, what's your name?
???: I'm Javert!
Everyone: We won't forget it!
Javert: Why do I have a feeling I've heard that before?
*Cue 80's freeze frame and laugh track*

Yes, the power of Les Miserables got to me when it came to thinking of a name for my new baby! As much as I love Jean Valjean or Marius... Javert is an amazing character, as well as an awesome character study, so I HAD to.
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