lyndsay (lyndsaygorawr) wrote in pkmncollectors,

1/1 sleepy Fennekin plush auction

So I think sleepy plush are pretty darn adorable.
And I just had to make a sleepy Fennekin plush!
Good news! She is up for grabs in an auction! :D
I need funds to travel to japan. Lol
I am calling it a 1/1 scale due to the size but don't actually know the pokedex size. Keep that in mind.


Will be doing a collection update sooooon! n.n

First thing first.
1) Sales permission granted on 9/12/2012 by entirelycliched Feedback:
I ship from Oregon US. I have two dogs and a cat. Smoke free
3) I accept PayPal only
4) I do offer/accept payment plans, feel free to ask
5) I will only hold items up to 48hrs
6) when sending payment put your USERNAME IN THE SUBJECT and what your PURCHASING IN THE NOTE/MESSAGE this helps me keep everything organized.
7) all prices are in USD and do not include shipping/fees.
8) I am not responsible once the package is shipped at the PO. If you want tracking/insurance just ask. :)
10) Bid in increments of at least $5
11) auctions end 2/01/2013 @ 11:00 pm PST countdown:

Additional information! IMPORTANT!
Bidding starts @ $200.00
I used the slowpoke pokedoll for size comparison.
If you want exact measurements feel free to ask.
As seen in the photos it is somewhat posable in different sleeping position's (hehe)
Made of minky! Eyes have machine satin stitching around them.
I used weighted plastic beads in her/his paws and tail! Which makes the plush a decent weight. So expect to pay around $15 for shipping US  
This is ESPECIALLY IMPORTANT TO INTERNATIONAL BUYERS! shipping could be $40!! Please keep that in mind when bidding
Also as mentioned in the rules payment plans accepted! :D
EDIT!!!! I AM ADDING A BIN AT $450 stays in play whole.time.


Happy bidding!

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