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uh, more zukan

So skinst_bomb came to visit me today and we went and saw the Lucario movie at the cinema 8D also we bought zukan. and I got a STARLY yayyyyyy. And then I got home and Mum was like "I saw those balls that are all over your room at the supermarket, and plush too." So I got my dad to take me to the supermarket after dinner >_> um, yeah. SPARE ZUKAN FOR SALE.

Same deal with policy as always - Paypal only, if you're credit-carding you pay the fee (and let me know so I can use a different account), feel free to use a Paypal middleman, shipping from Australia, comment with location for a quote, blah blah blah. D:

All sealed in packet:
Starters (Piplup/Turtwig/Chimchar) x2 - $8 each
Palkia - $9
Sneasel/Weavile - $8
Mime Jr/Mr. Mime x2 - $5

and left over from my last sales post:
Hoothoot/Noctowl x2 - $7 each
Venonat/Venomoth - $5 (packet has been opened to remove Paras/Parasect only)
Manaphy - $9 (opened and assembled, but perfect condition)

shop at shoppip to combine shipping if desired :3
Tags: sales, zukan
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