rarity_skye (rarity_skye) wrote in pkmncollectors,

New gets!

Okay so everyone was right! In the small amount of time I've ben here I've already found loads of stuff! x3 I didn't even know some of the stuff i've seen was made.
Sooo now for my three new plush! Se my new cuties below the cut!^^

Older banpresto lugia. This was actually a trade between me and a close friend of mine in town. He's cute as ever^^

And my second tomy glaceon Abbey, and I'm sure everyone recognizes the i love eevee glaceon wich i've named Persephonie. Im learning pictures do not give some of these plush justice at all:p The i love eevee glaceon is so well done, I'm very impressed. I've got anther glaceon arriving sometime hopefully in the first week of feb!

Thx for looking!^^

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Tags: glaceon, lugia
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