my ♥pretty ♥ soldier (myprettysoldier) wrote in pkmncollectors,
my ♥pretty ♥ soldier

sales post and best offers <-- main sales post

i was granted sales permission on 07/02/11 by dakajojo.

Hi guys! i have some rare items up for collectors atm,
Here are some items i'm putting on best offer in my main sales post.
i ship world wide but decided to exclude italy do to customs and past problems
these items do not include shipping or package fee, pp fee which will be extra,
feel free to ask any Qs thanks for looking.

i have many stickers of the first 151 pokemon
also various gens of figures and plush.

jolteon starts at -$20
mew glow bank -$40
Tags: abra, alakazam, arbok, articuno, beedrill, bellossom, blastoise, bulbasaur, butterfree, cards, caterpie, chansey, charizard, charmander, chikorita, clefable, clefairy, dewgong, drifblim, drowzee, eevee, ekans, elekid, golduck, hypno, ivysaur, jigglypuff, jolteon, kabuto, kabutops, kadabra, kakuna, kangaskhan, kingdra, kingler, koffing, krabby, lapras, machamp, machoke, machop, marill, meowth, mew, mewtwo, mr. mime, nidoking, nidoqueen, omanyte, omastar, onix, pichu, pidgeot, pidgeotto, pidgey, pikachu, poliwag, poliwhirl, poliwrath, psyduck, raichu, rhydon, rhyhorn, rhyperior, scyther, seaking, slowbro, slowking, slowpoke, snorlax, spiritomb, squirtle, starmie, staryu, tentacool, tentacruel, togepi, totodile, vaporeon, voltorb, vulpix, zukan
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