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Retsudan Auctions

Just a quick shout-out to floodyfloats, lucario, jensoxen, poliwhirl, shiome, storms_in_orbit, theevilpotato, usagimakeup, and zaknal93, I am still missing your 2nd payment for the Almost 151 Can Badge GA. If you could please pop over to the post and send your payment, that'd be greatly appreciated!

And, now, I am auctioning off some Retsudan Stamps!


- All standard community rules apply (no sniping, don't delete/edit bids, etc.)
- Sales permission granted by allinia on 10/27/12.
- Feedback is located here.
- Prices are in USD.
- I only accept Paypal.
- I ship from Canada and will ship internationally.

Shipping is $7 for US and $9 for international. Keep this in mind when bidding.

- I do have a dog, but she is a non-shedding breed and does not come near my items.
- I am not responsible for the items once they have been shipped. Tracking can be added on, just ask for a quote.

All stamps no longer have ink, but can still be used with an ink pad.

All the ones here are in very good condition, with the exception of Raichu (though, to be honest, the yellowing actually looks nice on this stamp, in my opinion). All start at $3.

All these ones have significant yellowing due to age around the edges of the stamp. Most noticible on Magikarp and Plusle. Slowbro doesn't have any yellowing, but for some reason, the front part of the stamp is a different colour than its base (only the front, not the back). These start at $2.

And these ones have what looks like ink or dirt on them. I can't seem to easily get it off, so I haven't tried just in case I start wearing away the image. These all start at $1.

Auctions will end on January 29th at 7:00pm PST.

Also, all stamps can be combined with the Christmas in January GA and the Almost 151 Can Badge GA.

All threads are up!

Bidding is over!
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