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Introducing Me and My collection

Hi everybody. My name is Simone . I’m an italan boy and I’m 23 years old.
my poke-adventure has begun when i was 10 years, when I saw for the first time these awesome creature on tv
I started to collect and play by trading cards game. I was a very good player and I was registrated to the pokemon's legue. My deck was fire/electric because charmander and charizard are my favourite pokemon ever.
In the last year thanks to an amazing girl,who later became my GF I started to collect the pokemon's plushie with her. I love devote to these collection in her company.she was the person who bring me here. We like to spend our time to talk of poke-gadget and look for pieces to add to our collections

I can't start without showing you for first this charmander drawed by my gf! I love her so much. Minun is called Clyde (some days ago she introduced herself describing her Plusle...her name is Bonnie)

They are my fire pokemon. Tepig was the first plush that I bought. Victini was a present from my gf and Charmander is so cool and cute and i couldn't resist to buy him, he is adorable

A complete evolution's family, Pikachu was the second plush that I took. I bought Raichu and Pichu from Ebay. Raichu is a Hasbro plush, Spunzorek is very cute

i was in love to Hikari's Piplup,so I had to have one piplup. I like him so much . He is my biggest plush

i don't like many normal's pokemon, but when i saw this buneary ,I had to buy her. She is a banpresto plush. I like team rocket's Meowth so he can't miss to my collection

like i said i like the pokemon trading cards game: i have so many that i just choose a few that i like to show to you

The dark Gyarados is a prerelease version gave as price of an official tournament

they are my Trading cards gadget: box of series, tin box and card supplies

some objects

This is a place mat

Eevee Pokebox charm and highlighters. I received the highlighters as part of my xmas gift by my Gf

Finally, my favorite item
This is the last time you see them together. Infact, one will go to my girlfriend and I could not be happier <333

we look for these since 6 months. they are fantastic and sweet
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