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[Last minute Bell Plush Entries]

Ok, so I know I have a lot to post about and things to address, but for now I'm going to Do my bell plush entry before Gin closes up xD

In the end I only managed to get two plushes done, when I wanted to do about 6 xD and I'm still working on a third, but I may not get him finished before the 1st ends in Japan, so I'm posting the two I have done =3

Let's have a look! (Warning, mini photo-spam;11 images)

Ok so these two aren't the Pokemon I decided to do this entry for, but they were the easiest two for me to start with, and while there are things I dislike about them, I think I did ok. I wanted to make Sableye, Shuppet, Flygon, Cacnea, Hoppip, and Cherubi. But I ended up getting fabric that I wasn't happy with for Flygon and Cacnea, so I held off on them until it was basically too late. I didn't get a decent pattern for Hoppip and Sableye is a work-in-progress. So these are the only two I've managed to finish completely.

Height reference; Shuppet is about 5"

Cherubi is about  4.5" due to her leaves

Shot of the back of Cherubi

And the back of Shuppet

Cherubi 'on scene' xD

And another, slightly closer look this time.

Shuppet 'on scene' It's hard to get good images of him since most of them would need to be in the dark xD

Shuppet: Aren't you like, supposed to be bigger than me?
Banette: ... I'mma kill you.

Hanging with my Mon-llection xD

Materials used: Spun Velvet for everything except facial details, where I used felt. I used bells given to me by Kiraras_lemon and made plaited strings out of sewing thread of my own for the strings. Each one probably took over a day each due to me waiting for things drowned in glue to dry. xD

So that people know, I will consider selling these two, but I would rather make two new ones for anyone who wants them since I'm not enitrely happy with these patterns, especially when it comes to Shuppet. A lot of the plushes seem to be going for around $20, but I'll accept offers and stuff if you do want them.

And that's all folks. I know these are late but ^^;; Hope you like them none the less. I don't expect Sableye to be finished any time soon, but when he is I'll post him anyway. Ja ne!
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