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Customs Anyone?

Hello everyone! today I have some exciting news I am pleased to announce my very first custom plush commissions slots here on Pkmncollectors :)

Before I get to into the details here's a bit of info about me and what I do. Last year I started a project of creating all of the original first generation 151 pokemon, as kind of a challenge to improve my plushie making skill. So far I think I've been rather successful so far I have made 40! However I don't wish to keep these cuties all to myself so upon there completion I put them up for sale. In fact a ton of them are still looking for new homes and can be found HERE on my sales post. :) I make my plush out of felt, because it is cheap and readily available which makes my customs are more affordable ^W^  
That being said, 
Here are some examples of some of my work

More examples can be found in my GALLERY

can only ship within the U.S (I'm fine with shipping to middle mans though)
Bulbasaur ship from Texas, U.S.  I will ship all items out within the one week of your purchase. I use bubble mailer for everything you can request a box if you like, but it will increase the cost of shippin
Ivysaur only accept paypal.
Growlithe am not responsible for items that are lost  or damaged during transit. If you would like tracking please inquire
Arcanine rices are all in U.S. Dollars and do not include shipping and paypal fees.
CuboneMy sales are first come first serve. I will only hold items for 24 hours. After that the item will go back up for sale. ( if you ask a quote on an item and then fall off the planet ( not respond within 24 hours) the item will be passed on to the next interested person.
Marowak ll items come from a smoke free home. I do have a small dog, however I keep my plush out of her reach and regularly lint roll them to remove any stray hairs that may have found their way to them
EeveeI will take trades for anything of equal value in my WANT
VaporeonI do not except offers through P.M.
Jolteon was granted sales permission on  December 13, 2012 b entirelycliched y feedback can be found HERE

Commissions Rules and FactsFemale Venusaur

BulbasaurWhat’s the size? 
My basic plush are 5-6 inches tall or wide depending on what they are. I do make larger plush but as of right now I’m only making plush this size.

Female RaichuWhat will you make?
Pokemon, Ponies, OC’s, Fursonas, animals ( this includes pets) even character plush if you like. Pretty much anything, you name it, I’ll make it. I’m always up for a challenge

GrowlitheWhat do your other plush look like?
If you really want to know what my plush look like I would highly recommend you check out my deviantart gallery

ArcanineWhat will my plush be made out of
FELT, I’m currently off at school and don’t have access to other fabric. But personally I think felt plushies or feltsies make great travel buddies and are a perfect addition to any collection as they allow for a lot more tiny details to be added. I will be making plushies out of other materials such as polar fleece and minky eventually.

CuboneHow much will this plush cost?

These plushies will range anywhere from $20.00 to $50.00 price depends on the elaborateness of the pokemon and how time consuming designs will cost 40 to 45, ( For example Sandslash and Rhyhorn) The use of different colors also factors into the price

MarowakWhat’s the level of craftsmanship?

I am detail oriented, all of my plush are hand sewn and some have extremely intricate patterns. Their faces and marking are embroidered on. (although in the case of some of my people plushies, their faces are painted on with acrylic paint.) I use hot glue sparingly and only when adding the smallest of features that I can not embroider on. ( such as the highlights of the eyes)

EeveeHow long will it take you to make my plushies?
Typically I spend about a week on each plush although most of the time I finish before then. More difficult plush might take longer, up to two weeks. ( but I will send you photo updates when you request them and you can keep track of your commissions status on my journal.) ——->

VaporeonCan I commission more than one plush at a time with my slot?
Yes, you sure can! Up to 3 Keep in mind it will take me longer to make additional plush and your shipping will be higher.

JolteonWhat’s your payment method? And when are paymentsdue?

I only accept payments through Paypal. our plush will be payed for in 2 payments, the first half will cover the costs of materials, the second half will be due upon your plushes completion. PLEASE REMAIN IN CONTACT!

IvysaurAll of my plush are OOAK! (One of a kind) that means I don’t make duplicates.

I will, however happily make the same Pokemon or character if it is in a different pose, made from a different material, or has any significantly different markings :)

Thanks for reading through all of my rules and guidelines :) Now that, that is out of the way I have 3 slots open so please proceed to comment here with any questions or quotes. :)

Slot 1 Typhlosion Plush for commonxrider
Slot 2: Shiny Ponyta and green eyed Charmander for jerybunny
Slot 3: Laying Luxray for devi_white

**All slots full thank you every one!*
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