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OVER! we will judge and hopefully have winner/s chosen by the weekend!!! YOU GUYS ALL DID AMAZING :D make sure you check the contest tag to see all the entries!!! THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR AMAZING PLUSHIES <3

NOW! i want to post about the pokemon daisuki clubs and how the goods prizes work... :D including the announcement, i have got my hands on one of my secret holy grails!

today my club card came!! check in the cut for photos of that and this months prizes and my HOLY GRAIL <3

today my card came, along with some presents! this magnezone was gonna be given out on battle road, but japan's was cancelled due to threats of violence =( so they sent them to anyone who applied for the new daisuki club card instead!

my card, yay! and the inside has luxio on it, wheee.

now, when you join daisuki club (japan residents only =() you can enter the raffle to win monthly prizes. these are limited goods, with only 100-200 made, ever. once the months raffle is over, the prizes are never reproduced. some daisuki club prizes have sold for 2000$ on yahoo japan!

well, a few months ago, i logged in to see the prize was a set of three cloth pouches... small, medium, and large size...with one side of each featuring the lions and pika evos. the final pouch has.... raichu and luxray, my favourite pokemon ever, on merchandise together! i was so happy until i saw only 200 sets would be made. i ended up applying 80 times to the raffle (you have to win games and points to be able to do this, it took a LOT of time). some of you in chat may remember me lamenting over these pouches.

well, i didnt win. and i never added them to my wanted list because i was sure it was a lions item id just never get. i posted all over the japanese internet asking for anyone who'd won and was willing to sell, to please sell!

well.... a few days ago..... i won them! my secret holy grail was on Y!J for only 3 days, and i found it.... and i won!! YAY!!! raichu and luxray on a pouch together... not to mention how adorable the entire set is! these are so gorgeous and when they arrive tomorrow ill post more photos!

officially the rarest items in my collection....


and for the record.... these are this months prizes!

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