Zachary (shiningpikachu) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Want: Slowpoke-line and Psyduck-line merchandise

Hi there, PKMNCollectors!  I'm just shopping around for some Psyduck and Slowpoke line stuff, as I'm trying to build my collection at the moment. :)

Some examples of stuff I'm looking for:
[note: these are just a few examples, and as my collection is very small, I'm willing to look at lots of items, so if you have anything, just link it to me. :)]

  1. Slowpoke, Slowbro and Slowking kids [both clear and unclear]
  2. Christmas Slowbro [with the tree on his tail...]
  3. Slowpoke and Slowbro Pokecen Charms
  4. Slowking/Slowbro/Slowpoke plush [Any, as I only have the Hasbro Slowking]
  5. Slowpoke/Slowbro 151 Badge
  6. Slowking Battle Museum figure
  7. Golduck/Psyduck Pokecen Charms
  8. Psyduck/Golduck Pokecen Charms
  9. Psyduck/Golduck Zukan


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