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Sculpture Commissions~

Okay, I totally have summer homework and shouldn't be doing this. But they're pretty much addicting to make. :B Plus I have to restock my colours anyway, so I may as well just make it one big haul.

Commissions Closed! Thanks everyone!

This is the first post that hasn't made it to pokemon, but if the slots aren't filled by today I will x-post.

I have three commission slots right now (unless your name is shesatiger or yaoi_queen, because you've talked to me already :) Please comment/email me to confirm!).
1. Sandshrew for kefanii
2. Articuno for shesatiger
3. Drifloon and Eevee for fleurdetragedie

The list as it stands:
-Miltank for blodia
-Shiny, glow-in-the-dark Ponyta for ladylegsdarkrai

-I've discovered that it takes around the same amount of time and material regardless of the poke, so I'm pretty much pricing on a per-pokemon basis right now.
-General rule of thumb: Evolved forms are more complicated, and thus more expensive. Bigger sculptures are also more expensive by default. This is only a rough rule, though, as it still varies per commission. ^_^;;
-There will be a few exceptions, such a Snorlax or Ditto, who I really couldn't bring myself to charge that much for :P They only cost me material as opposed to time, so 5-6$ for the extraordinarily simple ones!
-Keychains are an extra dollar. (Keep in mind that not all Pokemon will make good keychains, but it never hurts to ask!)

-I ship from Canada.
-5$ to the States.
-Not sure how much to Canada, but I'm sure it's less. :P
-Not sure how much to the UK, but my best guess is 7-8$.

-Paypal only, please!

-Butterfree, Sky Shaymin, Ditto
-Growlithe, East Shellos
-Drifloon, Bidoof
Chikorita, Dratini, Dragonite
-Jigglypuff, Arbok
-Mew, Lapras, Caterpie


Thanks again for all of your kind words! Feedback means a lot to me, so I love hearing from you all. It makes me love what I do. ^_^

Oh yes, and may I request a sculptures tag? <3 Even crafts or something would do! I'm not quite sure how else to keep track of my posts, ehe.



Any one of these free with purchase. Feel free to claim one if you're already waiting on a commission from me! <3

Squirtle is loved! Looks like a burger king toy or something, he rolls forward when you pull him back.
-Mini poster HOLD for yaoi_queen
-Squirtle roller
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