Nicole (viaticvenusaur) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Introduction Post!

Hi, everyone! I'm a new member to the community, but I've been collecting Pokemon merchandise since the anime came to America in '98. It all started with a large Jigglypuff figure named Jingle.


Over the years, I've accumulated a great amount of plush, figures, and random items (like crayon sets and whistles), but I've never really thought about the word "collecting" until recently. Growing up, I thought of my Pokemon more as "friends," especially the plush, than "objects." As I'm getting into collecting, I'm realizing that a majority of my plush are worn and missing tags, but it doesn't matter to me because I personally value them! Along with plush, I love the traditional-style Pokemon games. My parents bought my GameBoy Color so I could play Pokemon Red, and every upgrade in the Nintendo hand-held world has been related to the release of a new Pokemon game. I'm really excited to be a part of this community and to share my love of Pokemon with others. ^_^

I'm primarily interested in collecting plush of the Bulbasaur (I also include Oddish for some reason ^^") and Scraggy clans, but I'd be happy to collect any of their figures as well. Actually, I'm just interested in any plush at all, and I feel like I could get into the collecting of kid figures (I think I only own three right now, though).



Also, here's a link to my website, Jingle's Corner. It's kinda sorted and whatnot, but it only has [most of] my plush collection and none of my other merchandise. It's in construction!
Tags: bulbasaur, collection, ivysaur, jigglypuff, oddish, plush, scraggy
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