Electric puppy collector (anemicshoe) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Electric puppy collector

Collection update after moving across canada!

Everything is unpacked, arrived in the mail and meticulously arranged ^^ So click the cut for my new and improved collection setup! (beware its image heavy! and not -just- eevees xD ) I apologize that the pics are a bit grainy, my camera takes terrible photos in low light but GREAT outside a pity we live in a dingey basement O:


Myself and my husband made the arduous journey by car with all our worldly possessions from Vancouver Island in BC to Mississauga ON! It was a terrible drive of 6 days and I never want to do it ever again @_@ We're also moved into a much smaller space so my collection has to be rather compacted. Can't have too many more large plush, I just don't have the room!

First off I have actually pinpointed just what I am going to be focusing on collecting and to what degree x3 gotta control myself a little!
I made this visual aide while being obsessive:

Tier 1: Main collection pokemon: Electrike, Eevee and Vaporeon. I want mostly anything of these guys that isn't horrifyingly derpy :>
Teir 2: Side collection pokemon: Manectric and Leafeon. I want all the quality plush of these guys and all the well made figures
Tier 3: Minor side collections: Skuntank, Bayleef, Braviary and Scolipede. I want one plush (possibly has to be a custom) and a few quality figures of these.
I still want a kid figure of all my favorite Pokemon!

Phew! It feels good to have direction and limitations on this x3 Onward to the collection setup!
The main setup is mostly arranged around my computer desk here so I can see it as I work on my art and browse each day.

My eevees have exploded exponentially with this promotion xD I can barely fit them all on the shelf but they made it!
All the vappies put your fins up! I can't bare to part with my 3 booties x3 The TOMY vaporeon is my favorite new addition :D
My little Leafeon crew :3 Still can't get over how cute that mini pokedoll is! Even though shes a side collect my favourite of all the small eevee's iv received lately is the leafeon pokecen plush.

All my miscellaneous Kids and figures :3 plus my burgeoning skuntank and Manectric collections.
My little eeveelu figure cubby! Still got lots of room in the front for eevee ippai and kids that are coming.

My overflow area of large collection plush and a few of my other fan ones x3

I also got this Manectric bootie for christmas from a family member who thought they were grabbing an official plush xD im still ecstatic to have it though considering manectric dosn't have an official one yet! I didn't feel right that he was missing a mouth and other details so I had a go sewing them in myself and am pretty pleased with the outcome ^^
Hes my grump >:}

Thanks all for taking a looksie :D Im still looking for a Vaporeon eevee ippai since the GB ones are always claimed startlingly fast o.o; That and any official electrike figures, I missed the last few ones that came up :
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