Crazy Grimer Lady (crazygrimerlady) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Crazy Grimer Lady

Jessie Battle Coin Want/ Possible Mirage Squirtle

So I posted this at a wrong time the other day so i had to delete it. But here it is again! (Sorry if you saw this before!)

So I'm looking for a Japanese Jessie battle coin because I have a Japanese James coin and a Japanese Meowth coin. I really want to complete the Team Rocket set! So if anyone has one they are wanting to sell, please let me know! :)

team rocket coins

A bit of news on my end, I bought a squirtle plush for $20 and he is quite ugly. lol His eyebrows crack me up and so do his vinyl green claws! I think he might be a mirage plush since he doesn't have any makers marks or tags that has a company name on it. His tush tag says 1999 made in china. Soooooo idk he could be one or he could be one of the ugliest legit squirtles ever made! Let me know what you think!

Mirage Squirtle
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