chihuahuaowner (chihuahuaowner) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Quick Want!

So I've recently decided that Snover & Abomasnow will be my main collection, so does anyone have the Snover Pokedoll?

I'd prefer about 30-35 shipped for one without the hang tag, or 40 or so shipped with the tag. I'm also interested in other items that include the two, but I won't be able to buy them until this weekend. If anyone is willing to link me to their other items of these two I'd be extremely grateful. <3 I currently only have the snover charm and an abomasnow kid. xD

To make this post less boring, this is my most recent picture of my plushies! Although I have gotten another in since. :3


Also when I get back home from my grandparents you can look forward to a sales post from me!
Thanks guys, here's to hoping I win it :D
Tags: snover
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