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Pic Heavy! :D


After a concentrated barrage of incessant complaint, I reaped the reward of compliance from aforementioned horader of the picture-taking devices.

Hence, my earlier Groudon bellplush post has been updated with actual photos instead of scans, as promised :D

Behold! A parcel appeared!

In my first parcel, I was awaited by this marvellous specimen!

I've seen some folks touting an action figure. Must. Get.

Parcel number two contained another prize! :D
Flygon plushie!
(Thanks much indeed to kanackering for pointing this auction out to me! It turns out to be a legit one indeed, and the tag says Hasbro ^-^)

My last parcel was from warandromance! She sent me a Battle Museum Megnuim and a little Mudkip!

A week of YAY. Riolu figure and the following:

My Zukan spoils for the week were:
Entei, Suicune, Raikou, Cyndaquil line, Totodile line, Palkia and Celebi forest scene! (I really, really wanted the last two.)
"Biiiiiiiiiii" ^-^

My entire collection of Kids so far I got in one fell swoop in a multipack :) (don't mind the chocobos):

I plan to go back for a Jakks Cranidos (they're gearing up for a toy sale so they have a wall of that particular series atm) and possibly another pack of Kids if I can find the one with the Mew in it...

My collection so far!
LOL Ironically, I think one of my favourite odd things is that Mew spoon from the Tokyo Poke center. A friend knew I despised getting souvenier spoons (thanks to a childhood of forced-collection by an enthusist parent) and bought it for me as a joke on a holiday XD

I didn't photograph all my TFG figures, but the ones I have are:
*Crystal Groudon 1st edition
*Crystal Ho-oh
*2x Groudon
*Absol 1st ed
*Golem 1st ed
*2x Spearow 1st ed
*2x Voltorb

I love my Sheimi DS lite ^-^ I think the green works nicely with the white.

I'm sad that the charms are dirty though ;-; I'm forever cleaning and retouching them.

I don't have a want-list yet, but I'm building one :)
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