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♥ 2013 Secret Valentine Update! ♥ Please read! ♥

Hello everyone! I hope you have all found or created your gifts for the secret valentine exchange by now! Let this serve as a formal announcement to all participants:

You now have until
to send out your gift!

I received quite a few messages asking if the shipping date would be extended since some of the assignments got out a little late and the hosts all decided to extend it for you. :) Hopefully this can ease any stress you may be having about the shipping deadline.

Other Reminders:
  1. Retain proof of shipping until your valentine has received their gift! Keep a copy of the receipt or a photo of the addressed package in case it is needed for any reason.
  2. SEND A "THANK YOU" MESSAGE ONCE YOU HAVE RECEIVED YOUR GIFT!!!! This is friendly community etiquette! Please send a LiveJournal PM or an actual thank you note to the return address on the package once you have received your gift. :) <3
  3. You are highly encouraged to show off the gift you received by making a post to the community! :D
  4. If you haven't sent out your gift yet, feel free to take these last two weeks to make a special valentine's day card to include in your gift. These personal touches make your gift even more special to receive.
If you have any general questions, please direct them to me via PM or email me at godudette[@]gmail[.]com. You can also contact your specific host [allinia, godudette, or rachelled] with any other questions or concerns specific to your valentine assignment.
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