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Hey everyone, so i decided to make a site showcasing all my Pokemon kid figures. I have now finally finished photographing them all individually and sorting them into their different generations, I currently have a little over 1200 different figures in total (yes it took a while XP). 

I decided to put the site together as a guide for fellow Pokemon collectors so they can have a look through lots of the different kids that have been made since the beginning in 1996. You will notice there are lots of figures that look pretty similar throughout my collection, they are not doubles, they are all slightly different in some way. For example; many of the original figures were re-released later on and some were released in sets with paint variations.

My aim is simply to collect as many kid figures as i can because i don't think i will ever get them all unfortunately. If anyone is collecting these figures i have hundreds of doubles that i would like to sell in big lots, if you are interested just let me know (sales permission granted by allinia on 8/8/12). I am also looking to buy kids i am missing as well as any munchlax and snorlax things i don't have, I live in Australia so i prefer to deal in larger numbers of items because postage to and from Aus can be pretty expensive.

I hope everyone enjoys looking through my collection, i am very happy for people to use my pictures for their wants list or whatever. If you have any questions or anything feel free to ask :)

Here is the link (warning image heavy)

Tags: collection, figures, kids, munchlax, sales, snorlax
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