Leludallas (akeyma) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Sale Times!

Time for some sales and auctions!

... and some more! come look.

~Sales permission granted by Denkimouse (Jan 2011).
~Paypal only. If you are using e-checks, please let me know beforehand.
~Payment plans can be arranged, please ask if needed.
~Everything is in USD, shipping is not included.
~If you would like your shipment tracked or insured it is your responsibility to say so, I am not responsible for lost or damaged packages.
~All pkmncollectors rules apply
~Bid i
at least$1 increments.
~Payments to AkeymaLJ(at)gmail(dot)com
~All items are shipped from 92677 (California)
~All pictures are taken by me, WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET!
~Backing out of a purchase or bid WILL result in negative feedback.

~I am open to offers, however I may decline or wait for a better offer.
~Please ask questions BEFORE bidding. Thank you!

Auctions End Monday, Jan 4th at 3PM PST
Countdown: http://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?iso=20130204T15&p0=2473&msg=Auction+Ends&csz=1

(shot for size comparison, Kid and Ippai not for sale)
Auction: Rare, Leafeon Chupa
Starts @ $25

Glaceon and Espeon Ippai Figures, $15 each

Auction: Pikachu Pumpkin Head Plush
Starts @ $30, tag is detached but comes with plush.

Pokemon Night Note Pad: $15

Pokemon Center Nagoya 2012 10t Anniversary Gold Magikar
(NOTE there are 62 sleeves, 2 sleeves have been removed)
These are Mint, never played. I will not seperate.
Set of 62 deck sleeve card protectors. $40

Zoroark pokedoll $20 (Tush Tag Only)
Stunfisk Canvas $30 (MWT)
Lapras Canvas $30 (MWT, tag has a small crease in corner where attached to plastic loop)

MIP Chupa figures
Tornadus (green) and Thundurus (blue) $5 each
Tags: espeon, glaceon, lapras, leafeon, magikarp, pikachu, stunfisk, thundurus, tornadus
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