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HEllO TO ALL!  I just joined up yesterday, and I'm rly super excited about being a part of this community.
I have a friend on here that kinda semi-referred me.
Her name is Devi_White, and she collects Raichus, so if anyone has some for sale I'm sure she'd want to know. =3

So anyways...
I'm Yuki.
I collect Ralts, and all evolutions thereof.
They're so freaking cute!!!! AAAAAAAH!~~

If anyone has any for sale, please let me know because I'm very excited about buying on here... my collection is somewhat LACKING so far. =]

Thanks all!

And honestly I'm more of a gardevoir person, just fyi... I collect them moreso than Kirlia, Ralts, and Gallade.
Tags: gardevoir, kirlia, ralts
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