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pixel pixie's parlour

small update

Well I'm sick of waiting for my stupid paypal to transfer the monies I need to post serasaturn's package into my bank account (btw, does anyone know if it would let me know if there was a problem transfering it or would the money just.. disappear? 0.0) and I feel absolutely awful that it's made me so late in posting it, I'm so sorry, I usually post things straight away too so I feel so so guilty at being unable to do so for so long ;-; It should have transfered yesterday, it didn't, and it again didn't today argh so I'm just going to post it tomorrow with my money.  I'm so sorry it took so long =( Stupid paypal.

& to rinkatink, I'll be posting your zukan to you then at the same time =)

Again, so sorry about the wait, if I had known paypal would take so long to transfer the money I would have posted it after I first received the payment ;-; I guess I know for next time, do not trust paypal to transfer money XD

Oh and my latest addition to my own collection:

Woop! I'm not a big fan of Palkia & Dialga as people know, but I've wanted a Pokemon t-shirt for a while and my mum actually found this one for me =3 I think it's quite cool XD
Tags: collection, dialga, palkia
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