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Pokemagnets - Now for Sale! And Commission

Hey everyone! I apologize for my inactivenss as of late, but I'm getting ready for a big move ^^

I come with good news, remember those magnets I posted a month back? The ones that look like cookies? Well, after much angst, i finally got the magnets in the mail, so I can now sell them! =D

Sales Policy
I ship all items out on Wednesdays and Fridays
-Shipping will be $2.00 anywhere in the world!
-With these magnets, I will pack them to my best ability (which means alot of bubblewrap), but it is possible an ear could break off. If this happens, super glue works wonders, but please contact me so we can work something out!
-I accept Paypal only!
-I have a hold policy of three days, and three days only (I will make exceptions, but don't rely on that!)
-I am taking commissions! See bottom of post for details!

And yes, they really stick ;D

Magnets are all $6 unless otherwise stated!

Dittos are $5 each


Shiny Eevees!

Shiny Pokemon are still $6, but come with a very shiny coat! =D

Commission Info
-Each magnet face is roughly 3/4th of an inch
-All magnet commissions start at a base price of $7, but this may vary on the Pokemon (but almost all Pokemon that can be made in this style will be $7 or perhaps less)
-Some Pokemon cannot be rendered in this style! Examples include Palkia, Dialga, etc.
-I can make a shiny Pokemon at no extra cost
-Basically the commission process with me works like this:
1. I ask for the money up front, but if you are not comfortable with this, we can work something out
2. I sculpt the magnet, and show you, this is the only time anything can be changed!
3. We agree, I bake/paint/glue magnet on
4. Show you, mail out, we're all happy! =D
-From start to finish, this process will take no more then a week-

And thats it for today! Expect a very large collection post by the end of the week! ^^ Thanks guys!
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