Kitxunei (chaosoftwilight) wrote in pkmncollectors,

a lucky roll of the dice

Hi everyone, I just wanted to share a recent sticker get :)

I found this pack of stickers at a local store!

It's interesting because they're from the Advanced era (from 2005). The thing I like best about the Advanced era is.... Flygon. I bought ONE pack and guess who I got?!

Yep haha. Anyway,  the rest of the stickers are for sale, 25 cents for each pokemon, 50 cents for the glittery holo ones. Can be combined with things from my previous sales post here, please see the sale rules too.
Also, I've been thinking about buying a few more packs.... Would anyone be interested in more of these? I've seen some of these stickers before and it seems like they have every pokemon from gens 1-3 (including eeveelutions, such as this Flareon in the bottom left corner, that I sold a while ago). I'm still looking for a few pokemon myself, but I'll sell any others.
Tags: clefairy, flygon, golbat, sales, scyther
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