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[It's a Sunyshore Box!//]

This is like, half a week late (D:) but oh well

This can only mean one thing~!

First one to find it, Glaceon. She's the nosiest and the pushiest of the gang...

Poor Espeon, she's new, she doesn't know what's going on :D Jolteon's also one of the two boys in the group!

(Glacia's also a total bitch XD)

~*New Best Friends*~

Lulz. It's not even good, I just wanted to tell the reindeer to go home :C
Well today I got my SECOND sunnyshore package, with my Skymin friends, yay! <3 So she has a buddy to sit next to on the shelf now anyways. Aw. c:

-Things I got in the box!-

ORIGINAL BELLPLUSH CONTEST DRAWING :D Fangirl memorabilia of the contest, ftw.
Skymin can/tin and a Chupa Chups Shinx as a replacement for my brokentail.

The can contained flaky-pastry chocolate cream filled biscuits <333 And the lid is actually a huge badge >w<

And the drawings I got from Gin and Saru (aftertheheaven). I lol'd at the special eeveelutions. I'll be iconning a lot of this when I get the chance X3
THANKYOU GUYS ♥♥ I am spoiled X3

Everything's been posted! All orders. And I will be going back through my receipts and leaving feedback, if anyone really wants to help me out though, you can leave me a link and I'll give you feedback immediately C:

I also received a ton of stuff, I'll be doing a collection update in the next spare half hour I get n_n
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