Snowshoe (snowshoe11) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Custom Shinx Luxio and Luxray Painting

Custom Painted Shinx Luxio and Luxray 
Click for pictures of Full painting

Price has been cut these guys realy want a home D:

Total will be 12.50 to anyone in the US 
Paypal only
Total includes shipping It will be shipped USPS Priority Mail 
Please ask for international shipping quotes
You can buy with confidence My parents are ebay powersellers  withing the last year they have had
1246 positive feedbacks leftwith a ebay store. We go to the post office and ship out items daily  When you have paid  it will be shipped the next day (Monday-Friday)

This is painted on a huge clothespin that is 6 inches tall 
One side has a shinx and luxio and the other side has a luxray 
Now onto the pics 

If you want to buy please post a comment and Ill send you my paypal

Tags: custom, luxio, luxray, shinx
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