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First postt O:  ~  /party

Ive been a member for awhile and sold a couple things but ive 
never posted my collections soo here it iss >:]
/btw its not very big xD but I loves everything I own <3

 Does she scare you? >:3


 Found this blue jigglypuff ballon when I was walking through
chinatown yesterday xD I spazzeedd and people were laughing and yelling "blueberry!" when they saw it  D:  
i love herr x] ♥

 Small xD  but loved <3

 Jiggly Corner x]  ♥
I found the jigglypuff -> pokeball at the top
of a capsule machine O:
my bf spent like 30$ trying to get it out xD  but I got it : D ♥
(Burger King toy just came too! <3 )  /spazzzzz

  Random figures and keychains :3  
  I loveeee my chibi James <3 
  ( James and meowth = ♥ )

 aaaand other random crap :3 
 old pokemon lollipop stickers and charmander walkie talkiee : D
 (oopss digimonn heheee O:)


 Just got these yesterdaayy x]  I lovee themmm♥  
 /is wearing the pikachu one right now<3

 and last but not least my favourite poster : D ♥

 I also havee a million old pokemon vhs and dvds xD and alottt of strange pokemon books I found at a local japanese bookstore O:

 thanks for looking ! ~  : D  ♥  


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